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In this episode, Opeyemi, spoke to Pauline Okeyo, the Solution Engineer at ESRI Africa, who also supports the Africa Geoportal Project about Africa Geoportal and how you can start with it.

With Opeyemi Kazeem-Jimoh and Pauline Okeyo


Show Notes

Did you know that as a young African geospatial professional, you can get access to a wide range of ESRI tools including ArcGIS Online, Story Map, Survey 123, and many more, as well as powerful datasets from various partner organizations including Africa’s very own data cube – Digital Earth Africa for absolutely free of charge, forever (no strings attached)?

Well if you didn’t know, then you're in good hands, in this episode, we're introducing you to the Africa Geoportal powered by ESRI.

Questions answered include;

How to get on board (A simple sign-up)

Some details on tools and resources available (Tools, Datasets, Training)

What inspired this initiative by ESRI

What do we mean "free forever"

About credits

Current user statistics e.t.c.

Links discussed;

Africa GeoPortal Signup

Digital Earth Africa on Africa Geoportal (Data, Explorer App, Training)

MapRI Storymap

GEO Week 2022 Registration

AfriGEO Symposium Registration

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Opeyemi Opeyemi Kazeem-Jimoh

Opeyemi is a Geospatial Data Analyst and Cartographer with interests in DRR through geo-hazard mapping, GIS for business and sales process optimization, and promoting sustainable futures.


    Pauline Okeyo Pauline Okeyo

    Pauline Okeyo is a Solutions Engineer at ESRI

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