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Join us as we talk to industry experts and professionals about how they are using geospatial technology in different areas. Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the geospatial world in Africa and across the world.

Latest Episodes

SEASON: 2 | EPISODE: 21 | | Data Remote Sensing Tools and Software

Accelerating New Space with Affordable Satellite Systems - A Satellogic Story

Opeyemi Kazeem-Jimoh and David Raskovan

Modern state-of-the-art satellite technology and sensing capabilities, enabling constant and consistent monitoring of anywhere in our Planet, are changing the way we study and improve life on Earth.  But how affordable are these satellite systems?

SEASON: 2 | EPISODE: 20 | | GIS Data Tools and Software Open Source

The intersection of GIS and SQL: How Spatial SQL is Changing the Game

Iniobong Benson and Matt Forrest

Spatial SQL, also known as SQL for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is a powerful tool for working with and analyzing geospatial data. In this podcast, we will explore the capabilities of Spatial SQL and how it can be used to unlock the power of geospatial data in a variety of fields and industries.

SEASON: 2 | EPISODE: 19 | | Data GIS OSM Open Source

Organizational Spotlight - Locana in Africa.

Opeyemi Kazeem-Jimoh and Todd Slind

To wrap up the year, we have put together an organizational spotlight on Locana. Tune in to know more about their work fostering development in Africa.

SEASON: 2 | EPISODE: 18 | | GIS Data Tools and Software Open Source

Geospatial Version Control with Kart

Iniobong Benson and Hamish Cambell

Kart provides distributed version-control for geospatial and tabular data. Kart stores geospatial and tabular data in Git, providing version control at the row and cell level, it also provides repository working copies as GIS databases and files, and allows edit to be done directly in common GIS software without plugins.

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